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Technical Engineer 2:

Main responsibilities:

  1. technical documentation specification, new material process validation, new product development and process design;
  2. 2 to solve the problem of abnormal problems in the production process, sales and technical support

Job requirements:

  1. university specialized in electronic, mechanical, polymer chemistry, electrical insulation is preferred;
  2. proficient in computer operation, proficiency in English writing;
  3. fresh graduate ok;


Main responsibilities:

Main responsibilities:

  1. test and record the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products according to the inspection standards;
  2. on site process daily point inspection, found problems in a timely manner, to ensure smooth production;
  3. to complete the other tasks assigned by the leader;

Job requirements:

  1. college degree or above, have relevant working experience in QC, will use measuring tools (micrometer);
  2. skilled computer operation. (Excel form input, Word editing, etc.);

Fringe benefits

  1. Internship three months, the production line operators to implement the 2 classes of operations, in accordance with the actual production daily 8 hours or 12 hours work system, the implementation of two shifts.
  2. provide free accommodation and free working meals at noon.
  3. other issues negotiable, enameled copper wire production experience is preferred.


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