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Yantai Tomo Precision Wire, is located in the eastern part of Jiaodong Peninsula, the Yellow Sea, Bohai, and was awarded the United Nations Habitat Award and the China Habitat environment award,is engaged in the precision of small, flat wire professional manufacturers.

The company has a number of independent research and development, with independent property rights of precision flat wire production line and leading industry standards and their experimental standards, master the core manufacturing technology of small flat wire. Including resistant high temperature paint line flat package, self viscous paint package flat line and direct welding enamelled flat wire and all kinds of precision small wire rod products; products cross-sectional area 8.0mm² it below, broadside to the maximum 7.00mm, narrow side to the maximum 1.50mm in thickness, heat resistant grades covered 130 level, class 155, 180, 200, class 220 and 240 level, products widely used in high-end electronic transformer, power inductor, micro motor, flat voltage regulator, filter electronics industry.

We can refer to IEC 60317, NEMA MW1000 and JIS C3202 standard, or in accordance with the special requirements of customers customized processing, 21 of the products have been the United States UL certification, file number: E477046

The company has passed ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification.

Company attaches great importance to environmental management, the product does not contain harmful substances, in line with the EU RoHS directive requirements.

Yantai Tomo Precision Wire Co., Ltd is committed to meet the requirements of customer development, to meet the needs of customers, to customers as the center, excellence, system management, continuous quality improvement, and promote China's electronic industrial materials industry innovation and progress.

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